Let us help you create a lasting TRIBUTE

A memorial is a lasting monument and a tribute to a person’s life, who was dearly loved. The design should not only mirror the
loved one’s personal tastes, but should commemorate their life.

In our brochure you will find a vast range of high quality memorials suited for both cemeteries and churchyards. The memorial designs we can craft are endless, therefore if a memorial design you would like is not displayed here, please speak to us regarding a bespoke service.

It is important to understand the regulations which may affect what you can have. Churchyards and cemeteries have regulations which govern the size of the memorial, finish, colour and design you are allowed. We are here to offer you advice on these rules and regulations.

The material of the memorial is also an important factor to consider. This brochure shows memorials in a vast range of materials including Granite, Sandstone and Marble. These all have differing characteristics, for example, Granite is the strongest material and will weather better when compared with Sandstone and Marble which may stain in certain conditions (i.e. near a tree or a hedge). Some Granites are more porous than others, meaning they may become darker when wet, however we can offer you advice on the vast range of materials available (see pages 98-99).
When choosing Black Granite, we recommend Premium Khammam Ebony Black which is a dense Black and is not dyed.

We are here to help guide you in creating a memorial which will be an everlasting tribute for your loved one.

Blue Pearl Heart headstone


An elegant Black Heart memorial with an inset Blue Pearl heart, with hand carved roses and butterflies.

Beautiful Hand carved Heart Headstone with Hand carved roses and butterfly.
Greek Headstone

Greek Memorials

A beautiful memorial crafted in Premium Khammam Ebony Black and HQ+ Quality Blue Pearl. Did you know, there are several grades of Blue Pearl available? The better the quality, the deeper the blue colour. We only use HQ+ quality from Norway.